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How we got here

Written by Ray Knight on .

Hello and welcome and thanks for reading, having had pigeons since a boy I thought some of you may be interested what happens in our own loft.

I am a first generation pigeon fancier and apart from an uncle who would clean out for a local fancier by the name of Bill Birley on Brook St. in Long Eaton, my family had no ties with pigeons.


co-operative building_long_eaton_derbyshireAs a small boy there were feral that lived in old factories and various other vacant buildings, as lads we all wanted to catch a pigeon and my first pigeon came off the roof of the Co-op clock tower. A lad called Glen Dodsworth went up and got it, a blue hen,The birds would roost between ornamental parapret wall and guttering, belive me it was high, as I later found out when more stock would be obtained,


The next were from my cousin, he was moving into rabbits so I had his four pigeons, a black cock, chequer cock a white hen and a mother blue hen, these were kept in the coal shed and later given to a friend. A few years later and I caught my first real racing pigeon which was fielding, we would creep up on them and throw a clump of soil, bingo, I stunned one and took it home, a chequer cock, NU73, I cant remember the rest of it’s number, but an orange clad aluminium ring, this cock stayed with me for about three weeks and then one day, he went, probably home or field, I don't know, but that was it, the bug had truly bit me.


During my school days I had all sorts of pigeons, fantails, tipplers, rollers and then one day I was on duty on Sea Cadet flag day when two friends brought me a Scottish rung pigeon with a race rubber on it;s leg.That evening I visited the local pigeon club with the ring number and two local fanciers called t my house to collect it and duly invited me to the club that was in 1974, these two guys (Denis Dallman and Glyn Murdock) picked me up every Friday and Saturday and took me to the pigeon club for the next five years, when we moved house at the age of fifteen they helped erect my new loft. (an old garage).


glyn ray copyDespite the age difference in age Glyn and I became great friends and even today despite Glyn not having had pigeons for 25 years and me now living some 70 miles away we still stay in touch, if every pigeon club had a Glyn Murdock our sport would be flourishing!


A lot of water has gone under the Bridge since those early days and I have been fortunate that a part of my working life is built around the hobby I love, I do not take this for granted and cherish every day.

In 1996 we produced our first video, this featured Piet Valk, the Pouw Brothers, Edwin Scheffer and Jan Kuijzar, this was the first of some twenty odd titles to date, through this work I have met some very, very good pigeon men and again I am most grateful for the opportunity to have done so, during tho time we also produced thE successful ‘Around Antwerp’ series for the Racing Pigeon.


In 2002 I started the first Spring Fair in the UK this is now into it's 15th year and is held at the Dome in Doncaster the thrid weekend March. From 2006 until 2013 I worked for Deister Electronic as their sale manger for their UNIKON ETS system, again this gave me the opportunity to meet some great fanciers in the UK and Southern Ireland, so where are we today.


Now with my family all grown up be it they are still at home, during my time in the sport i have held many positions, club secretary, federation chairman, convoyer, RPRA Region vice President, and now for my sins though I am proud to be involved with the club I am the secretary of the North Road Championship Club.


So here we are 2016 and now starting a blog about my loft, well I hope you enjoy it ‘warts and all’!