Looking at Lerwick....No 2

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One man within touching distance of the late John Lovell’s record of three North Road Championship Club wins from the iconic race point of Lerwick is one of the modern day masters, Frank Bristow.

The Horbling maestro has his name on the coveted King’s Cup twice after wins in 2008 and 2013.


Looking at Lerwick... No 1

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Looking back at Lerwick . . . No 1


This year June 25th will be a special day in the history of the North Road Championship Club, for this is the date that is scheduled for this famous old club’s 100th race from Lerwick.


Although the club was formed back in 1901, for the express purpose of fostering long distance racing from the north, two world wars and one or two other contingencies such as bad weather, interrupted the continuity of races from the Shetland Islands, hence the 100th anniversary of competing from this most challenging of racepoints has not arrived until 2016.


2015 NRCC Day of Champions

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There is lots of life – and imagination – in the famous old club yet!

That was blatantly obvious when the North Road Championship Club defied convention and held their first Day of Champions instead of the traditional, and some would say outdated, prize presentation dinner.

Moreover, it was an event that made a handsome profit rather than the loss encountered at dinners in recent years.

The Day of Champions was staged at the ideal venue, Springfields Exhibition Centre in Spalding, and was just the kind of initiative which would have excited those far-sighted pioneers who launched the NRCC back in 1901.

They would have faced their own problems 114 years ago, not least transport and communications, and, no doubt, many sceptics would have claimed that their aim of trying to race pigeons from the Shetland Islands was a step too far, impossible to achieve.