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Young Birds

Three weeks in and I am sitting here looking at the weather wondering, shall I shan’t I? I like so many have put a lot of work into my youngsters, I weaned 85 in still have 81 and this is after having a touch of ‘YBS’. Hand on heart, I have never really suffered with this until last year when I had a few holding their corn, this was soon remedied with the assistance of my veterinary and in all fairness I probably created the situation my self as I had been treating them for the ‘head’ prior to training during a hot spell, so had I created a fungal problem? My droppings sample showed a high ‘cocci’ count, as we are probably aware this was caused by the primary problem.



Well can you imagine when this year bang on a week to the day I was basketing my youngsters for training and I noticed a few birds were holding their corn. Straight away I called on my veterinary friend who put me in the right direction, ‘organic acid in the water, for this I use ‘Osmonds Envirolenze’ and the prescribed antibiotic on the corn. Within 48 hours I could see a change happening, fortunately i never had any ‘smelly slimy droppings’ and this I put down to noticing the issue in its early stages, if it were not for these few birds holding the corn or not handling every youngster as i basket them it could quite easily have gone unnoticed and three or four days later had a bigger problem.

During the two times I have endured this issue the birds have really shown no signs of illness in fact have been exercising in excess of an hour, roaming and the latter training from the ten mile stage.

This last time I did follow up with a blind treatment with Dac’s ‘Combi Mix’ for canker and cocidiosis and unless we see any thing else wrong that will be it for the duration of the young bird season.


Training & Liberations

i read with interest Mike Lakin’s article on the above and I as most of you have all endured what Mike was on about. Where my loft used to be was some two hundred yards from junction 25 on the M1 and holding youngsters was a nightmare, we must have had three communal trainers a day  liberating up to a thousand birds each yards from the loft and probably another thirty odd fanciers training from the same junction, not to mention those at the junctions either side. Situated in a valley the traffic of pigeons coming up and down was colossal compared to what I have where I am  now and the difference being as I mentioned earlier I weaned 85 youngsters, despatched two after a week and am sitting here prior to my first race having them trained to 40 miles both on a communal trainer and up in eights on their own, so you can see I am with a little hesitation as I look out of the window to thunder, lightening and torrential rain, (Oh dear, Ive left my cabin door open) do I or don’t I, no not get soaked shutting the door but send!


Mike mentioned the ’15 minute rule’ for conveyers when releasing birds at the race point and this may be okay for old birds on a good day, but for youngsters on their first few outings this surely has to be a ‘no. no’ and I am sure most conveyers will give more than 15 minutes. I can only speak of my own youngsters but when i start releasing them basket by basket, at first they don’t clear as well, now these are well trained youngsters, but for some reason you rethink they have gone and then, you have two groups in the distance, now that’s only with a few so what happens when their are two transporters with a thousand or so a piece on, some well, trained, some not so well trained and some even not so ‘well’ now they are most definitely not going top clear in a quarter of an hour, now you may think they have but when the next lot are liberated I think it fair to say they will get together, if not why do we endure indifferent returns on these days?


Manchester’s ‘Pigeon Expo’

Back in 2006 we were approached to run a show in Doncaster and could we accommodate the show racer fraternity, this we did and without doubt became a major date on the ‘show racer calendar’ last year saw us move to the Barnsley Metrodome, the reasons behind this were three fold, one price, two the Racing Pigeon event was now only two weeks apart and the third was the bad customer service that we were receiving from the ‘new management at the Dome’.

Although the metronome boasted all that was required for a successful show the fancy just didn’t warm to it so a decision had to be made, do we call a halt to the event or have a rethink. Well the rethink came out the winner and a new home was found for the november event which will now be held on Saturday 8th November at ‘Bowlers Exhibition Centre’ at Trafford Park Manchester. More details can be found on our web site at


The venue is s situated just 2 minutes from Junction 9 on the M60 and the same distance from the Trafford centre, being just three miles from Manchester city and is ideally positioned and is easily accessible for visitors travelling locally and nationally.


The hall offers vehicle access for the build up of your stand and as always the smaller stands are welcome to set up on the Saturday morning from 07:30hrs until 09:00hrs if they so wish


The event will be hosting the ‘National Winner Show for the show racer fraternity, the GB team selection for the Olympiad in Budapest in 2015. It is hoped that our usual trade stands will be supporting the event and we are already talking to Les Green of Northern Premier Auctions about bringing one his his sales to us.


Spring Fair

Good news on this front as all is not lost at the Dome in Doncaster as well as a change in management and us being guaranteed our original dates back along with a contract convenient to both parties I can also confirm that the Spring Fair will return to the ‘Dome’ in Doncaster and will be on Saturday 21st March, so there you have two dates for you calendar.



Ray Knight