2012 Doncaster Shows

Written by Ray Knight on .

Plans are well and truly in hand for the coming show at the Dome in Doncaster on Saturday November 10.

We have been holding events at the Dome since 2005 first with the largest Spring Fair in the UK and then later the National Winner Show.

In its first year, the event was a success and produced a qualifier for the Supreme Champion Class at Blackpool. It has hosted the RPRA Olympiad Selection Class and last year attracted more than 800 show racers.

Looking to bring the fancy breeds together, last year saw fancy pigeons back at Doncaster. And what a success it proved with some 1,695 entries together with around 40 trade stands. This one-day event has more than made its mark on the pigeon fanciers’ calendar.

So what about the 2012 event? How could we not put the Fancy Pigeons under the banner of Feathered World?

The whole event will have the same format as last year. A few tweaks here and there will all go to make this year’s event a bigger success than last year for all parties concerned.

While on the subject of ‘parties’ (although in a different context of course) the Friday night ‘Pre-Show Bash’ will be going ahead. This year, though, it will be in the function room and not in the hall as last year. So don’t forget to book your tickets when you send in your entry forms.

Entry forms: For those who subscribe to Feathered World you will, of course, have had your schedule and entry form. For those who don’t, then call Julie and take out a subscription. Just kidding!

We have run a filter on our subscription list and have identified that 32 people who showed do not subscribe to Feathered World. This year, of course, we will send you a schedule, you can call Andy on 0115 8460527 or Feathered World on 01205 871771.
Schedules for the show racers have already been sent out to those who showed last year and one will also be published in the British Homing World later.

For the keen-eyed among you, you will have noticed one or two discrepancies in the schedule and the amendment to these are printed in this month’s issue. All I can do is apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Promote Your Club
There are 10 clubs supporting the event this year and we will be allocating each of those clubs space to promote their own club however they wish. So guys, take advantage! We have more than a thousand people attending this event. Surely there’s some potential new members among them?

As usual we have the sale pens that you can book on the show entry form. But if you also wish, you may book one of our ‘rent-a-pen’ stands that prove so popular with the racing fanciers. We supply you with a trestle table, two chairs and nine 15-inch pens from where you may sell up to 20 pigeons — for the all-in price of £75. Why not get your club to book one? And we will situate your ‘free’ club table next to it> That’s can’t be bad!

Many of those who attended and stayed at the Hotel Campanile last year should check with the hotel as to what rates they are being charged, as it would appear that they are cashing in on the event.

Last year I got a rate of £45 per room. This year they are charging between £69 and £75, but what is interesting is that the week prior to our event you can book a room from £27 to £35 depending what website you use.

My advice to you is look at the Premier Inn on Herton Way, less than half-a-mile away, the Premier Inn, Wilmington Drive, 1.2 miles away (phone 0871 527 8304). Alternatively, the Travelodge Doncaster, Lakeside Hotel, Lakeside Boulevard, half a mile away (phone 0871 984 6492). All these three hotels cost a lot less than the Campanile.

Rest assured I have written a letter of complaint to the hotel’s head office and will duly keep you posted,. Oh, and don’t forget