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We are always looking at improving the event and this year will see some change as we are bringing fancy pigeons back to Doncaster! Andy Lowe and his friends with their fancy pigeons have always been a supporter of both the March and November events at the Dome and back in March some twenty fancy pigeon fanciers attended a meeting at the Dome to assess the space available in order to combine a Fancy Pigeon Show with the National Winner Show. Before panic sets in I can assure you that the Show Racer classes will not be affected by the fancy pigeons and will take their usual place in the centre of the hall and will be managed by our already successful team of Colin and Ingrid Farndale, Dennis and Joyce Hull and Geof Banister, rest assured without their expert assistance the show would be nigh on impossible to run so thanks for all your hard work.

The Dome in Doncaster has been the home of the ‘Spring Pigeon Fair’ since 2005. In 2006 we launched the National Winner Show and I am proud to say that most of our regular trade stand holders have been with us since we held the first Spring Fair back in 2002.When we first put on the National Winner Show the sole objective was to have show classes at the show and every year we have exceeded the required number to enable the winner to go through to the Supreme Champion Class at Blackpool and last year was no different with some 836 birds up for the title of Best in Show. Taking this coveted prize for 2010 was none other than John Bell from Scotland. John has supported the show since the very first one ., so well deserved and well done John. Runner up with Reserve Champion was another one of our regulars ‘Petty & Crawford’ a remarkable result considering the high standard that this event is now attracting.

 John Bell Winner of Best in Show with Judge Brian Mead and Sponsor Ray Knight

Class Winners

Class 1 - 59 Birds - Old Cocks Blues and Cheqeurs
1st John Bell, 2nd Wheatley Family, 3rd P Nelson, 4th John Bell, Res. Mr & Mrs Carter, VHC. J Barnes, HC Kerr & Davidson, C. John Bell

Class 2 - 62 Birds - Old Hens Blues & Cheqeurs
1st John Bell, 2nd John Bell, 3rd Kerr & Davidson, 4th John Bell, Res. Mr & Mrs Carter, VHC JK & JD Lynn HC C Swinburn, C JK & JD Lynn

Class 3 - 51 Birds - Young Hens Blues & Cheqeurs
1st A Tankard, 2nd Petty & Crawford, 3rd R Hughes, 4th J McCord, Res. Mr & Mrs McCarthy, VHC. J & J & B Rice, HC. P Camock, C. A Tankard.

Class 4 - Young Cocks Blues & Cheqs - 59 Birds
1st A Tankard, 2nd J Fitzpatrick, 3rd Petty & Crawford, 4th J & A Bell, Res. C Swinburn, VHC. JK & JD Lynn, HC. J & A Bell, C. A Tankard.

Class 5 - Old Cocks Reds & Mealys - 83 Birds
1st Petty & Crawford, 2nd R Sexton, 3rd HL & LM Smith, 4th J Fitzpatrick, Res. Mr & Mrs Carter, VHC. JP Smith, HC Mr & Mrs McCarthy, C. JK & JD Lynn.

Class 6 Old Hens Reds & Mealys - 70 Birds
1st Mrs A Ferguson, 2nd J & A Bell, 3rd C Swinburn, 4th J Fitzpatrick, Res. P Spence, VHC. J McCord, HC. S Ferguson, C. Mr & Mrs Carter.

Class 7 Young Cocks Reds & Mealys - 64 Birds
1st J Fitzpatrick, 2nd R Hughes, 3rd Edson & Wheatcroft, 4th J Fitzpatrick, Res. J Fitzpatrick, VHC. R Hughes, HC. J Harrod, C. Mr & Mrs Spedding.

Class 8 Young Hens Red & Mealys - 57 Birds
1st A Tankard, 2nd Mr & Mrs McCarthy, 3rd Mr & Mrs McCarthy, 4th M Hoskin, Res. Mr & Mrs Hardaker, VHC. J & A Bell,HC. S Wooley, C. J Fitzpatrick

Class 9 - Old Cocks Colours - 43 Birds
1st Mr & Mrs Carter, 2nd Petty & Crawford, 3rd J Fitzpatrick, 4th C Swinburn, Res. J & A Bell, VHC. Mr & Mrs Wilson, HC. Mr & Mrs Hardaker, C. Mr & Mrs Carter

Class 10 - Old Hens Colours - 60 Birds
1st R Hughes, 2nd Petty & Crawford, 3rd Mr & Mrs Carter, 4th Mr & Mrs Carter, Res. J Fitzpatrick VHC. J Fitzpatrick, HC Mr & Mrs McCarthy, C. Petty & Crawford

Class 11 - Young Cocks Colours - 42 Birds
1st Mr & Mrs Carter, 2nd JP Smith, 3rd C Swinburn, 4th C Swinburn, Res. C Swinburn, VHC. JK & JD Lynn, HC. Mr & Mrs McCarthy, C. Robert Hughes

Class 12 - Young Hens Colours - 47 Birds
1st Mr & Mrs Spedding, 2nd, Mr & Mrs McCarthy, 3rd J & A Bell, 4th Mr & Mrs Carter, Res. J & A Bell, VHC. Mr & Mrs Carter, HC. R Sexton, C. J Harrod

Class 13 - Young Cocks - TTW - 32 Birds
1st Mr & Mrs Spedding, 2nd C Bullard, 3rd C Swinburn, 4th R Hughes, Res. Mr & Mrs Carter. VHC. Dickinson & Dodgson, HC. M Hoskin C. N Westbury

Class 14 - Young Hens - TTW - 29 Birds
1st JK & JD Lynn, 2nd A Tankard, 3rd A Tankard, 4th Mr & Mrs Hardaker, Res. D Fussey, VHC. M Hoskin, HC. R Hughes, C. Mr & Mrs Spedding

Class 15 -  Old Cocks TTW - 37 Birds
1st S Wheatley, 2nd A Tankard, 3rd Mr & Mrs Spedding, 4th S Wheatley, Res. Mr & Mrs Hardaker, VHC. S Wheatley, HC. J Harrod, C. JK & JD Lynn

Class 16 - Old Hens TTW - 37 Birds
1st S Ferguson, 2nd C Swinburn, 3rd Mr & Mrs Hardaker, 4th JP Smith, Res. D Harkess & Son, VHC. J&J&B Rice, HC. R Hughes, C. JK & JD Lynn.

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Fancy Pigeons Back At Doncaster
The fancy pigeon show is being supported by the following clubs Archangel Club, British Mookee Club,  RVPC, British West of England Club, British Trumpeter Club,  United Fancy Homer Club and the Chinese Owl Club. There will be nine sections in the show these being section 1 Pouter Cropper managed by Be Telford & B Rennison, section 2 Colour managed by S Rumsby & A Moreton, section 3 RVPC Classes managed by D Richardson, section 4 English Tumblers managed by S Morrow, section 5 Form & Homers M Rudd, section 6 Structured Breeds managed by H Bogie, section 7 Owl Pigeon managed by M Rudd, section 8 Trumpeter managed by N Pratt and section 9 Flying Breeds managed by R Partington and J Thompson with such a sterling committee being steered by Andy Lowe, Evan Murray and John Elsdon.

Penning will be available on the Friday evening up until 7pm only. We have tried this in the past for the show racers and although only a very few used it we will be offering this again if required. Rest assured for those that have not visited the venue before there is none better, on site hotel, ice skating and swimming for the kids and all under the same roof. Along with our regular forty trade stands I think it’s fair to say this is going to be one good show, so the date for your diary this year is Saturday 12th November.